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As stated in your contract: "To pay a $30.00 late fee if payment is more than ten (10) days late. Should member dues be more than 10 days past due, this agreement may be considered in default, and the entire amount may be accelerated. If a default occurs member agrees to pay late fees, collection cost...... Failure to use the club does not relieve member from financial obligations of this agreement."
As stated in your contract: "CANCELLATION RIGHT - YOU MAY CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT BY NOTIFYING THE CLUB WITHIN THREE BUSINESS DAYS AFTER RECEIPT OF THIS AGREEMENT.  NOTIFICATION MUST BE IN WRITING, NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE ON CONTRACTS PAID IN FULL.  CANCELLATIONS IN THIS AGREEMENT ONLY PERTAIN TO EFT'S.  IF DUES HAVE BEEN PAID BY CHECK, THE FACILITY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO WITH HOLD REFUND UNTIL PROVE OF SUFFICIENT FUNDS HAS BEEN VERIFIED AND CHECK HAS BEEN PAID.   MEDICAL CANCELLATION- Member may cancel this agreement only with Doctor's certification.  Member electing a medical cancellation may not use the facility.  To qualify for Medical cancellation, certification must be provided to management; member must be current in their dues and pay a $50.00 early cancellation fee. RELOCATION CANCELLATION- Member may cancel this Agreement if member moves his/her primary residence over thirty-five (35) miles from the club and no other facility within a reasonable distance is made available to member.  To qualify Member must be current in their dues and pay a $50.00 early cancellation fee."
Contract info